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for Private and Public Organisations

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Jacqueline is an experienced disability advocate, campaigner, and qualified employment law practitioner who brings this hybrid knowledge and expertise to a consultancy role.  As a consultant, Jacqueline's expert understanding of the rights and entitlements of disabled service users and workers is made available to organisations according to their specific needs. 


This disability consultancy offers bespoke services to organisations, helping them to identify and strengthen the unique weaknesses in their disability equality practices. These services include - 

  • Disability Equality and Accessibility Evaluation

  • Disability Equality Development Plan

  • Policy Review and Development, including - 

    • Equality and Diversity

    • Reasonable Adjustments

    • Sickness / Absence

    • Grievance / Disciplinary 

  • Independent Dispute Resolution 

    • Mediation​

    • Settlement Agreements


Be proactive and prevent disability discrimination before it occurs. The cost of disputes can be huge for organisations. Just take a look at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) published a report titled 'Estimating the Cost of Workplace Conflict' on 11 May 2021.  Two key findings are outlined as follows: 

'Investment in effective and early resolution designed to build positive employment relationships may have a very significant return. The average costs of conflict where employees did not engage with their managers, HR or union representatives were higher than where such discussions took place. Furthermore, where conflict spiralled into formal procedures, costs were more than 3 times the costs associated with informal resolution.


Contact Jacqueline today to arrange a FREE 20-minute initial telephone appointment.  

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