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THE PARKES CENTRE is a comprehensive disability service supporting individuals, couples, and organisations. This service helps individuals to formally identify suspected autism spectrum disorder, provides counselling to individuals/couples experiencing trauma related to any disability, and offers training to help organisations develop disability-friendly services and workplaces. The Centre is founded on the comprehensive range of specialist training and experience of the service operator and lead consultant Jacqueline Parkes BSc Cert Mgmt (HSC) AHGI Q.Inst.Pa.



Jacqueline is passionate about disability. Her professional practice is infused with compassion, respect, and sensitivity based on her life as a carer of nearly 20 years to close loved ones with ASD and other disabilities. She is the successful author of 'HOPE: An Inspiring Story of Healing in a Marriage Affected by Asperger's Syndrome.' Jacqueline's commitment to disabled people, particularly those who are neurodivergent, also extends to her volunteer work as the Disability Visibility Group Lead with Social Housing Action Campaign.


Jacqueline's ASD work is strengthened by her rich, wide-ranging background in health and social care. She obtained a Professional Certificate of Management in Health and Social Care alongside her Bachelor of Science degree. She has over 20 years' experience as a complaints advocate for disabled and non-disabled individuals in primary/secondary care, dentistry, maternity, education and housing. In addition, Jacqueline has worked extensively in healthcare settings and is an AMSPAR-Certified medical secretary. See below to learn more about Jacqueline's experience and other relevant qualifications. 




ASD Diagnois



In addition to being qualified as a Certified Autism Specialist with the IBCESS University, Jacqueline has intimate understanding of both the experience of those with ASD and of those who support them, and the varied ways in which ASD impacts daily living. With effective execution of appropriate diagnostic tools and up-to-date academic insight, Jacqueline expertly combines her in-depth personal knowledge of ASD with her professional work and training, giving her a holistic, trusted approach to diagnosis. 



Jacqueline is a member of the Human Givens Institute, a therapeutic organisation regulated by the Professional Standards Authority. She has a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an IAO Accredited & CPD Certified Psychology Diploma, and an IAO Accredited Life Coaching Diploma. Jacqueline has over 7 years' experience providing coaching and counselling to individuals and couples. Since 2019, she has specialised in disability-related counselling. Jacqueline offers a unique therapeutic practice which seamlessly combines the use of CBT and human givens approaches underpinned by trauma informed care.



Jacqueline is an accredited trainer with the CPD Accreditation Group and has a Certificate in Education and Training (City & Guilds, Level 3).


Jacqueline's disability training is undergirded by her long-term advocacy experience drawing on the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant legislation to challenge poor service provision for disabled users. In addition, Jacqueline has legally represented workers in a number of disability discrimination employment cases. Jacqueline has also exercised her employment law knowledge as a trustee with the Public Interest Law Centre (2021-2023) where she fulfilled all governance duties while having a lead role in the shaping of the centre's HR practices. As such, Jacqueline is best placed to advise organisations and employers on how to prevent complaints from disabled people, and to foster positive, disability inclusive spaces. 


Jacqueline is an award-winning qualified professional paralegal practitioner with the Institute of Paralegals and she is regulated by the Professional Paralegal Register. Jacqueline is now recognised by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, which has recently acquired both of these organisations.


If you're an individual, couple, or organisation representative, you can contact Jacqueline today to arrange a FREE 20-minute initial telephone appointment.  

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