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We are expert legal practitioners in the area of employment law, with a well-established history of successful resolutions for our clients and over 20 years' experience in complaints management. We are pleased to say that our most important client is EXCELLENCE which is reflected in each service we provide, ensuring that adherence to ACAS standards and employment legislation is upheld and reinforced amongst all parties. 


Our approach is highly professional yet personable. WE KEEP IT SIMPLE - no needless jargon, complicated leadership theories and complex management concepts. Yes, our services provide clients with information and training about relevant HR and management principles. However, we understand that employment is fundamentally about PEOPLE. Our services are therefore underpinned by effective, HUMANE inter-relational and communication strategies, and driven by HR best practice and employment law expertise with the aim of obtaining fair outcomes for all


We offer quality services so that you can get back to running your business as best as possible. To do so, we work under guidance and protocols from our memberships with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Professional Paralegal Register and the Institute of Paralegals. 


Whether your organisation is large or small, and no matter how complex the dispute, WE CAN HELP YOU. We hear of situations like the following all the time:

This is a true story:


'My former manager/employer was a self-styled motivational speaker and I was his administrator in a small team of 6. I initially found him to be quite inspirational. However, sadly, I soon realised that his HR and management practice fell far below required standards. He demanded me to go to work early just to prepare his coffee. He demanded his staff to work overtime (often into the next day) without pay. Sometimes we received no pay for the month but he still expected us to go in.


After a huge conference that left me completely drained, I asked for a week's annual leave which was granted - or so I thought. After an angry call from my landlord because my rent standing order hadn't gone through, I realised that my leave was unpaid. When I asked my manager why he said, 'You chose not to be here for me during a critical time.’ I honestly couldn't believe it. Not only was I entitled to annual leave, which he said he approved, it was Christmastime! People are usually with family at Christmas instead of at work. But apparently, he believed he was more important than my family and my wellbeing. 


When I complained in writing, he summoned me into a meeting with a senior member of staff. Together, they bullied me for hours and then I was demoted. A few months later, I left.'

What we can do for EMPLOYERS and WORKERS


As an organisation, we work for BOTH OF YOU. We exist to uphold the rights of workers like the individual in the true story above. However, we also exist to protect employers from liability where they could be unfairly accused of unlawful conduct. Our job is to promote a dispute-free workplace culture and to facilitate a fair resolution for both parties in the face of employer/worker relationship breakdown. 


At HUMANE RESOURCES, our services are incentivised by ethical values, fair moral judgement and expert knowledge of employment law. And overall, our desire is to prevent and resolve employment conflict humanelyLet us help you to facilitate this approach. 

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