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Jacqueline Parkes, Bsc Cert Mgmt (HSC) Q.Inst.Pa



Jacqueline is credentialled hybrid professional specialising in the areas of  health, social care and law. Her overlapping vocations include:

  • Social Rights Advocate

  • Qualified Paralegal Practitioner

  • Qualified / CPD-Accredited Lifelong Learning Sector Course Developer & Trainer

  • Certified Coach

  • Author / Blogger

Jacqueline's extensive individual advocacy experience began in health and social care over 20 years ago, helping service users to raise complaints regarding poor standards of care. She has supported service users of primary care, dentistry, maternity, neonatal and social care services.  

Jacqueline's work expanded to systems advocacy when she became a board member of Healthwatch Waltham Forest (2013-2017) where she promoted the development of its NHS Advocacy Service. Jacqueline has also advocated for women as the Co-Chair of the Waltham Forest Maternity Voices Partnership (2018-2019). She is currently a board member of the Public Interest Law Centre with a focus on human resources. Jacqueline is also a committee member of the Social Housing Action Campaign and the lead for its Disability Visibility Group.

Jacqueline is an award-winning paralegal practitioner specialising in the areas of employment law and disability discrimination. Her representation has been employee-focused, supporting clients in a wide range of matters including age, race and disability discrimination, TUPE, constructive dismissal, victimisation, harassment, unfair deduction of wages and more. Most of her clientele have been professionals from the health and social care sector seeking support during grievances, disciplinaries, appeals, Employment Tribunal cases and Nursing and Midwifery Council Fitness to Practice proceedings. 


Jacqueline is happily married to Michael, with whom she shares two children.  

Visit Jacqueline's other websites below to learn more. 

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Alongside husband Michael, Jacqueline runs The Ashlie Project, which is an inspirational space for individuals and families living with disability and/or maternity trauma. 

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Jacqueline is the Editor-in-Chief of Logica Tribune, an independent, non-partisan news and logic-based commentary site about key socio-political and cultural events across Western society. 

Meeting Room


Jacqueline is a

CPD-accredited trainer and certified coach who hosts a range of virtual talks and training sessions on a range of health, social care and legal topics.


If you're an individual or organisation, you can contact Jacqueline today to arrange a talk, coaching or training session.

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