Affordable legal support IS available.


Contact Jacqueline Parkes today for advocacy and legal support in the areas of employment, disability, health & social care, and social housing

Many matters can be successfully handled by a qualified paralegal.

Depending on your matter, Jacqueline's advocacy and paralegal service will be more accessible, supportive - and definitely more affordable - than using a solicitor*.

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* Jacqueline Parkes reserves the right to refuse to offer advocacy and paralegal services for matters outside of her professional remit, or which may not be compatible with the service's purpose and/or ethos.


'Jacqueline played a key role in my constructive dismissal case. She treated it with sensitivity and was at great pains to understand the complexities of the case from the start. She fought rigorously on my behalf and represented my interests to my employer. As a result, my employer ultimately made me an offer of compensation in the amount of £10,000. I am very grateful!'


'I used a solicitor 2 years ago to assist me with my PIP appeal. They were unable to get my PIP rate increased at tribunal. Then I used Jacqueline, who discussed with me how my disabilities affected me and how I felt I fitted the PIP descriptors. Following this, she requested my supporting documents, which she used to successfully obtain an enhanced rate of daily allowance and standard rate mobility. I never had these before! Jacqueline has a very dedicated approach and I would highly recommend the service,

above and beyond using a solicitor.'


'A fantastic service. Jacqueline did not trivialise my matter and gave it the necessary time, respect and compassion.  

The resultant letter of complaint written on my behalf was exceptional; I could not have done better. It brought about real results, and now a very distressing chapter for me is satisfactorily closed.​ 

Highly recommended; justice will be done!'