Jacqueline's extensive individual advocacy  experience began in health and social care over 20 years ago, helping service users to raise complaints regarding poor standards of care. She has supported service users impacted by substandard practices in primary care, dentistry, maternity, neonatal and social care services. 


Jacqueline's work expanded to systems advocacy when she became a board member of Healthwatch Waltham Forest (2013-2017). During this time, she promoted the development of its NHS Advocacy Service. Jacqueline has also advocated for women as the Co-Chair of the Waltham Forest Maternity Voices Partnership (2018-2019). 

Current Work

Although Jacqueline continues to provide wide-ranging advocacy support, her current work predominantly comprises employee advocacy and Employment Tribunal (ET) representation. She has represented employees in a wide range of matters including age, race and disability discrimination, TUPE, constructive dismissal, victimisation, harassment, unfair deduction of wages and more. Much of her clientele are professionals from the health and social care seeking employee advocacy and/or ET representation. 

A Holistic Approach

As a certified coach, Jacqueline has knowledge and experience of strategies for improved mental health. She understands that all types of crises have a considerable impact on her clients' wellbeing. Jacqueline's skills as a coach are therefore evident in her advocacy and paralegal service, as she utilises a holistic approach during interactions with these clientele. Mental health coaching sessions are available in addition to the advocacy and paralegal service.

Jacqueline Parkes - Life Coach, Adult Educator, Author


  • Bachelor of Science Degree

  • Professional Certificate of Management in Health & Social Care

  • Level 4 TQUK-Endorsed Diploma in Paralegal Training

  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training (PTTLS)


  • Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (CIArb)

  • UK Employment Law Diploma (Accredited) 

  • Coaching Diploma (Accredited) 

  • Psychology Diploma (Accredited) 

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 


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Jacqueline's other roles include:

Humane Resources

Managing Director


Advocacy for Health & Social Care Professionals Union

Executive Committee Member

Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists

College Lay Examiner 

National Maternity Perinatal Audit Panel Member

Social Housing Action Campaign

Facilitator, Disability Visibility Group 

'Lived experience is the foundation of my work...'


'There is no type of advocacy that I provide that is unrelated to my personal experiences. I know intimately what it is like to be failed by services and systems. I understand the difficulties of raising complaints and pursuing resolutions, both for myself and for loved ones. It is arduous and sometimes lonely. But I am driven by the core principle of justice as a human right. Justice should never be reserved only for those who can afford expensive representation, obtained only by those powerful enough to demand it or manipulated by those malicious enough to withhold it. 

In my own way, I hope to balance the scales of justice by providing an accessible service for everyday people who seek resolution and redress in everyday matters.'

Jacqueline Parkes